Connecting people, planning, art, finance, health and science to promote more resilient communities. 


CityLab7, a team of innovative collaborators, came together in 2009 through a shared sense of discovery after receiving a grant from "Invoking the Pause." The program was conceived by a philanthropist named Maggie Kaplan who hoped that, if given time away to think and collaborate, her grantees would be able to generate innovative ideas to help individuals and communities internalize and understand the true impacts of climate change.

As a team, we deploy interdisciplinary skills in the following areas: Food Systems, Ecosystem Services, Integrated Urbanism, Community Finance and Healthy Places.

What we're up to next...

We're currently working hard on an exciting new idea that will build on much of the work we've been doing up to this point. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we begin to reveal next steps.

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[storefront] Mushroom Farm

Installed at [storefront] Olson Kundig Architects, Mushroom Farm invited visitors to consider the far-reaching impacts of one seemingly simple lifestyle choice—purchasing a cup of coffee—as a nexus for sustainable awareness, community-building, and a model for future urban agricultural practice. While most coffee grounds enter a traditional waste stream after a barista pulls a shot, Mushroom Farm re-purposed them into a growing medium for oyster mushrooms.

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