assorted links

1. Data visualization: Google Labs testing visualization of public data.  What can the numbers tell us?  How can we share the story in a meaningful way?

2. Behavioral changes essential to reducing our carbon footprint: "Evidence is clear that with relatively simple changes in our actions, we could reduce our energy consumption by 20 percent in 20 weeks."

3. The neighborhood we choose to live in makes a big impact on our quality of life, carbon footprint, and outlook for the future (gasp).  And, it can save us time, according to Real Simple.  Here's a list where Seattle tops Portland, as the #1 time saving city.  Props for our traffic signal optimization program, saving us time and reducing emissions.

4. Talk of a carbon surcharge for utility customers in LA.

5. Daylight savings: not actually saving energy.

6. Three cheers for programs that promote solar for renters.