climate change on display

What grabs our attention long enough to make an impression?

People hovered around two spots at the climate change exhibit at the CAS this weekend: the Carbon Cafe, an interactive display on carbon and food, and the Carbon in Our Lives scale, a carbon footprinting exhibit that allows visitors to adjust their choices and see their impact.

Groups gathered around to watch the scale move and to guess the impact of a plate of spaghetti or a banana. "Mommy, do we have a hybrid?"  "Now I feel REALLY guilty about dinner."

The two exhibits I was drawn to first suffered from a lack of attention.  The computer kiosk to email your representative to take action was being used as a resting spot.  I enjoyed reading the sentiments on the recycled paper cards at the Share Your Ideas board (virtual version:; and although there were some nice ideas, I was surprised by one:

"How about doing something that is actually meaningful instead of just acknowledging there is a problem - agreeing that 'green is cool' isn't good enough."

And I saw almost a handful of cards asking the Academy to stop using paper to share ideas.  Are we beyond education and ready for action?