in search of healthy food

The holidays and food seem to go hand in hand.  An interesting tidbit in the Seattle Times yesterday, "Hungry for food that's safe to swallow" reminds us that safe, nutritious, affordable, and environmentally healthy food is not that easy to come by.
As we work to support a sustainable urban food system, we need to improve all of its pieces and the connections: production, processing, distribution, and resource recovery.  This requires the work of planners and policymakers, dedicated farmland, and improving connections between producers and consumers.  But more than a designation on a map, or a new policy in place, let's not forget the farmers!  The average age of a farmer today in the US is 55.
We met with Sarita Schaffer from to learn more about the farmer incubator project that is in the works in Skaagit County.  As an offshoot of the Cultivating Success program at WSU which promotes sustainable agriculture practices and business planning, a 30 acre plot of land will serve as a testing grounds for this new generation of farmers. 
How else can we work together to support our intellectual, social, and organizational capacity to move towards a healthy food system?