Invoking Home

Last month, CityLab7 celebrated the culmination of nearly two years of dedication, sweat equity, partnership, and food as we convened with our grantor, Maggie Kaplan, and other Pausers at Mayacamas Ranch in Calistoga, California.
This convening also reuinted our team for the first time in months, as we had been on pauses of our own since August. Some of us left the country or moved out of state while others flew to tropical islands and constructed monorails at Burning Man.
The Pause convocation was many things--emotional, overwhelming, inspiring, challenging, funny, spiritual, relaxing, rejuvenating, scary, affirming. It felt comforting to know that others are just as concerned as we are about doing things differently and changing the world. It was a struggle at times to be faced with how difficult change can be, though, and how much change needs to happen. (More on that in future posts...)
For me, flying to California only two days after I returned from a two-month residency in a remote Italian hilltown, re-entry via The Pause was like tumbling down the rabbit hole. The second day, I was so disoriented that Chris had to sit with me on a sidewalk in Santa Rosa when I was overtaken by dizziness. Yet, after four days with my trusted confidantes, I felt safe, cared for, and --at the end-- more focused than ever.
When I returned to Seattle, I wrote about my experience at the Pause Convocation, continuing my thoughts on our discussion of the concept of home. Looking back on the past month --and the two years that we've worked together on Invoking the Pause-- it's easy to see that CityLab7 has become a home for me, for us.
Stay tuned for announcements about where we're headed in the future. In the meantime, take a peek at our experience at The Pause:
October 15: Heart is Where the Home Is
While reacclimating to Pacific Daylight Time, I spent the past four days in Northern California for a grantee retreat related to my collaboration in a program called Invoking the Pause. Our funder drew her grantees together so that we could meet each other, and so that she and her staff could know us personally.

Though we didn't know what to expect, it was no surprise that.... (For more, visit CivitaVeritas Blog:

Ciao a tutti,