Looking back at the Market Meal Experience--Learning With New Partners

CityLab7 initiated an interactive Market Meal Experience as part of the 9th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth national conference in February of 2010. We engaged conference participants in planning, procuring, preparing and collectively sharing a locally-sourced supper as a conference "toolbox session," admittedly by abandoning the confines of the Convention Center with a walk to Pike Place Market and a neighborhood deli-turned-social experiment-kitchen.

Our Market Meal Experience of about 20 participants (including some curious passers-by enticed by our conviviality and cuisine) shared the experience as a new way to re-frame decision-making, and build broader community support for smart growth and sustainability initiatives and programs.

This diagram, with thanks to our friend and ReVision Labs collaborator Nick Spang, captures much of what is "on the menu" at a Market Meal Experience.