The Healing Power of Soup

There’s a sick side of me that enjoys the catharsis of being sick.

It’s rare to be able to re-experience such basic things as breathing, smelling, or tasting—which is why there’s nothing like that first moment at the end of a cold: realizing how smooth the rise and fall of your lungs feel as they begin to clear, or suddenly hearing clearly out of a blocked ear, and finally tasting the saltiness of homemade soup as your taste buds wake up again.

We’ve been talking about Phase 3 of The Pause, “Blossoming Possibilities,” in which we Labcoats plan to prove our Fertile Grounds concept, and there might even be soup involved.

Soon, I’ll arm my self with fizzy cold medicine, nose spray, and tissues in order to meet up with my fellow Labcoats to discuss our proposal submission. The deadline is at the end of February, so this month will contain a flurry of activity to pull everything together, which includes ideas for collaborating with other Pausers from the Southwest.  (And, hopefully, a trip to sunny Tucson.)

One thread that we’ve been kicking around is what to do with the mushrooms that we’ll grow once our operation is up and running. Chris’s suggestion was soup, whereas I had been thinking of pizza con funghi, perhaps a partnership with Via Tribunali or some other local pizzeria, depending upon where our test location is. Mushrooms for sale at a farmer’s market was another idea, and then it came back around to soup. We could vend our coffee from one side of the cart, capture the wasted grounds in the middle, and deliver our homegrown mushroom soup from the other side in cradle-to-cradle fashion.

Before we can enjoy either, though, we first need a green light (and green money) from Invoking the Pause, after which we’ll search for additional funding and partnerships with a coffee shop, SPU, and DON, while identifying a grow site and a receiving site for the inoculated black gold that we’ll produce.
It’s exciting to know that, after two years (we submitted our first proposal on January 31, 2009), it’s time for this lovely idea to be born into the world. There's a lot of work ahead, probably another year's worth, but I believe there's plenty of passion and smarts between us to see it through.
The other thing I keep thinking about in the haze of my head cold is a steaming bowl of cream of mushroom soup. Maybe Chris was right.

posted by gabs