the year of...

2010 has been a year of change in Seattle, already.  With a new administration, and announcements that this is the Year of Urban Agriculture and that Seattle is going carbon neutral by 2030, we have plenty to look forward to, and plenty to keep us busy.
David Roberts provides a good round up of some commentary and reactions to the carbon neutral announcement in Grist (, highlighting the need for ACTION.  New Energy Code: yes, modify zoning to allow backyard farming, yes.  Policy decisions are crucial to provide leadership and to enable structural changes.
But what motivates us to make changes in our life each day?

As we scope out the Lettuce Utility and reflect back on the MarketMeal, CityLab7 seeks to strengthen connections and build trust between residents, business owners, students, employees, and visitors to a neighborhood.  How can we gain a deeper understanding of our implicit reliance on each other, in sustaining a healthy, experientially rich, and fun quality of life?  

We invite you to consider these questions as we seek action and change.  Fill in the blank: For me, 2010 will be the year of _________.