¡Viva Viva Farms!

There's almost a little bit of "Groundhog Day " (the movie) to this year's Thanksgiving gratitude as we learn of the repeating good fortunes of our growfood.org friends Sarita and Ethan at Viva Farms.

Earlier this season, they scored a huge win at Social Venture Partners Fast Pitch, and just last week they were the focus of this eloquent Sightline guest blog, "Grow Your Farmer"

As the Sightline article details, they've harvested much bounty since we walked those fallow fields together early last year.

Then, before any student-farmers had gotten into the fields, Ethan and Sarita invited CityLab to help them imagine taking best advantage of the site and its great highway visibility. 

So we helped them organize (in a concept plan somewhat more formal than back of the napkin) the working parts of the farm as well as locating the now-wildly successful Viva Fresh Market right on Route 20.

Since then, our collaboration has grown, with consultations on CityLab's Fertile Grounds Urban Food Utility Pop-Up, and providing fiscal agency for our ITP3 Blossoming Possibilities grant.

While winter is settling in around us, its a sure bet we'll be growing more through this relationship soon. 

¡Viva Viva Farms!

- Stephen