What's Worth Counting?

A recent piece reporting on Indhira Rojas' Indexer project points to the value of data on personal consumption of stuff, as a way of informing personal choice and informing recycling behaviors. 

Indexer is a database she is building for tracking consumption and managing waste. She wants to help people answer two questions: How much do I throw away? and, How do I recycle properly? In a video, Indhira explains her project. See what she learned from studying seven households and photographing all of their waste.

What surprises is how naive sound the questions of the New York Times Magazine columnist's reportage, as he wonders why no one collects consumption information. He's acknowledged the proliferation of apps and the data mining that marketeers employee to focus us on buying MORE. It is timely that our shopping culture with its end-of-year binge be foiled with an alternate perspective. 

But how would we value the choice of the stuff NOT purchased, not trashed or ever recycled?