Where seasonal and sensual food experience align

Ignore the sartorial mismatch of the man in the tie-- a solar powered ice cream production+vending cart elegantly aligns late summer heat (read: solar electric harvesting opportunity) with late summer appetites for cool and creamy artisanal treats. Yes, the schematic on the side of the cart speaks to those needing to geek out on how the PV-collected juice is used in both production and refrigerated storage of ice cream. More, the "umbrella" over the cart might even be overlooked by others as being the rig's power plant. And perhaps that is the more instructive design solution: do we always need to be hammering on the "interpretive value" of an innovative solution to connect people with our "foodprint" issues? August ice cream at this Amherst farmers market delivers the goods more flavorfully to my taste.

Stephen M Antupit